60 Center of Life Summer Camp Students Visit Food Forest

Our friend Jim McCue expounding upon virtues of food forest made pizza

On Thursday, July 17, Michelle Czolba, Pittsburgh Permaculture LLC, Matt Peters, and Jim McCue hosted 60 students from the Hazelwood Center of Life Summer Camp at the food forest. The children were ages six through twelve and had a blast checking out the bugs, unripe pears and plums, herbs, and more.

We were able to walk through the forest, describing the roles that bees and bugs play, seasonality of fruits, and how to make pizza using plants we are growing in the food forest. The kids loved the oregano and especially the garlic! Spearmint was also a big hit.

Our strawberries, cherries, and mulberries are done fruiting for the year. Pears, plums, currants, and peaches are not fully ripened and so there was no fruit for the visit. But there are tons of other herbs, vegetables, and native plants and everybody seemed pretty excited about their favorite vegetables.

If you would like to schedule a group at the food forest or are interested in having us out to speak with your group, contact Michelle at michelle@pittsburghpermaculture.org or 724.531.1100

If you want to volunteer at the food forest, we meet every Wednesday evening from 5:00 pm to sunset.

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Happy Hour and Live Indonesian Gong!

April 3rd & 4th from 5:30 – sunset
4700 block of Irvine Street, Pittsburgh, Pa 15207

Join us on April 3rd for workday activities including weeding and mulchig & enjoy Indonesian gong played by Jeremy Woodruff, a Ph.D. student in music and the TA for the Gamelan ensemble at Pitt. He will be recording sounds of the food forest along with Indonesian Gamelan music. (We will still be working on Wednesday, yet Jeremy will not be able to join us then).

Snacks will be provided.

For questions or more information, please contact Juliette at 412-780-5833 or email Juliette@pittsburghpermaculture.org.

Thanks so much! Hope to see you soon,

Future workdays will be help on Sundays throughout the season. We will keep you posted.

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  • Patterns and Design – a discussion about the pervasive patterns of nature and how they might be integrated in our designs
  • Fruit Tree Guild - this page describes a permaculture design we installed at the Edgerton Avenue site in Point Breeze
  • Permaculture Pond – a description of a pond install that is designed to function without pumps or filters while providing a beautiful, productive habitat
  • Grape Vine Awning – a page explaining the placement of a grapevine on the south side of the home to help reduce energy costs
  • Vegetable Seed Starting – color coded charts to help you time your vegetable starts
  • Actively Aerated Compost Tea – a guide to making your own compost tea and constructing a cheap yet effective brewer
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