What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, environmental design, construction and integrated water resources management that develops sustainable architecture, regenerative and self-maintained habitat and agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems.

Permaculture Resource List

Compiled by Elizabeth Lynch, Troy Hottle, and Juliette Jones Pc Communities, on-line or other Pittsburgh Garden Experiment: Eastern Permaculture Guild: Eastern Permaculture Guild: Local Food Cleveland: Three Rivers Permaculture Guild Pittsburgh-local Resources Pittsburgh Permaculture: Transition Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Garden Experiment: Steel City Soils: Octupus Organics: Urban Homesteaders: […]

Sun Path

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As we all know light exposure is a very important part of garden design. Evaluating the light exposure in the context of the sun’s movement through the sky both daily and season-to-season will help us understand the influences of the sun. With this greater understanding our designs can harness the warming light when we need […]

Our New Wood Stove

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Andrea and I recently decided to put in a wood stove but as easy as that sounds, a lot of work went into installing the stove and ensuring the fireplace surround would be appropriate. The following pictures show you some of the process we went through. – – – [portfolio_slideshow size=medium] – – – We […]

Rocks in the Garden

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I am exploring the use of large rocks strategically spread throughout the garden to aide in the thawing process in spring. In the warm months, and in the winter when the rocks aren’t covered in snow, rocks buffer the diurnal temperature swings. That is to say they make the micro-climate around them a more constant […]

Permaculture Design Certificate Course

This is a reminder… exactly one month until the PDC, register NOW to join us at the Phipps Garden Center! 6 WEEKENDS (January to April 2011): Jan 29-30; Feb 12-13, 26-27; Mar 12-13, 26-27; Apr 2, 9:00am to 4:30pm — Earn your internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certification! — Share 6 weekends immersed in a fun, supportive […]

Going For It

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Here’s to breaking the record high for this date, set in 1882. Click Below: – – – Global Warming Day – – –

A Snow Rant

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I am SO tired of hearing people complain about the snow. Saying things like, “I am SO tired of all this snow!” Guess what, its winter in Western PA. Its snows here! Maybe its more snow than most Pittsburghers are used to…sure it hasn’t snowed this much since ’93 or whatever. But its just snow, […]

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Hardiness Zones

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*Click here for an Update* – – – A short discussion on the hardiness zones in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and how they are changing. The old USDA hardiness zone map issued in 1990, which incorporated data from 1974-1986, places Pittsburgh well within zone 6 with zone 5 not far off to the north. If […]